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Senior Pastor George Mani - Visionary/Founder

Pastor George is the Senior Pastor of Fathers Care. Although he has officially been a Pastor for 26 years, he has been spreading the good news about the Gospel ever since he was a child. He is an effective communicator of the Word and loves to use humorous anecdotes to communicate deeply meaningful life lessons. He is passionate about bringing the Word to the broken-hearted and has a particular desire to assist the elderly community, through creating loving and welcoming environments.

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Rekha Lal - Associate Pastor

Pastor Rekha is the Associate Pastor at Fathers Care since 2013. She is a preacher/teacher of the Word, mentor and conference speaker. But most importantly she loves Jesus. Her own personal testimony of the Lord’s presence and goodness inspires her to empower others and see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and by encountering God’s love and grace. If she isn’t teaching, preaching or mentoring, you can find Pastor Rekha watching The Crown on Netflix with a big cup of coffee.

Rita Sewak - Administrator

Rita has been faithfully serving the Lord for the past 23 years. The Lord has blessed her with the gift of administration and inherently blessed her with an abundance of patience. She has a heart to serve and longs to empower others. After tasting God’s grace through her personal testimony, she developed a zeal to assist others in reaching their fullest potential and always finds it her greatest pleasure to see individuals experience breakthroughs within their lives. Rita is a very curious person and thus has many interests, in her spare time she is an avid fan of Bollywood films.

Jennifer Nguyen - Financial Controller

Jennifer has been working with Fathers Care since 2016. She has proved to be an indispensable component to the smooth-running of the organisation and continues to demonstrate her inspiring work ethic. Above everything, Jennifer has an overall desire to help the underprivileged within communities and show them the love which they are sometimes denied of. If she isn’t behind her desk, you can catch Jennifer trying out the latest trendiest cafes and restaurants all around Sydney.

Anand Prasad - Missions Director

Anand has been enthusiastically serving in ministry for 21 years, alongside his beautiful wife Sharen. He has the biggest heart to help others and is passionate about not just assisting them in the short term, but equipping individuals with the tools they require to grow in the long term. As Missions Director, he is not only concerned with alleviating physical poverty, but is passionate about assisting those who may be experiencing mental, emotional or financial poverty. Anand is an absolute computer whiz and an avid fan of action films.

Sharen Prasad - Prayer Team Leader

Sharen has been actively serving the Lord for 21 years and has experienced the power of prayer in her life, thus she has developed an attitude of warfare to pray for others going through situations. She is compassionate towards assisting the generation before her own, whilst simultaneously having a heart for inspiring the next generation to rise up. Sharen is a lover of nature and has a special talent for floral arrangement.


Alex Mani - Music Director

Alex is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing piano for close to 30 years and has been faithfully serving for all these years. His love for music translates into his passion for people to be healed, delivered and set free through listening to his music. Alex has the desire to provide people with rich experiences with music which will ultimately assist people on their journey with Christ. In his spare time, when he isn’t composing original scores, Alex likes to cook and spend time with his beautiful wife and children.

Nolan Mani - Worship Team Leader

Nolan has been surrounded by a musical atmosphere his entire life. He began his journey playing the drums since the age of seven, however found an even greater love for singing in 2007, where he began worship leading. He is passionate about worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth and revealing the Father’s Heart through worship. If he isn’t singing, you can find Nolan in the kitchen cooking up a storm or playing with his precious dog Rosie.

Othniel Mani - Creative Arts Director/Head of Media Ministry

Othniel was born into an extraordinarily creative environment, playing music and performing on stage for as long as he can remember. He lives and breathes performance and desires to bring a high level of excellence to Faith Media. Othniel has an intense fervour to open doors within the creative industry, for individuals who never thought they would be able to enter the industry. If he isn’t playing or making music, writing, editing, directing or performing, you can find him entertaining his friends or playing with his family dog Rosie.

Daran Goundar - Social Support Team Leader

Daran has been serving at Fathers Care for the past few years and has demonstrated his massive heart for people. He describes his first encounter with the love of God, like none other, and since then has committed himself to spreading the love of Christ to every individual he encounters. He has a particular passion for serving the elderly community, as he believes it is our duty to show them the same love they so freely have shown us. Daran loves the outdoors and you can always find him gardening on the farm.


All are welcome, so we invite you to join us every Sunday morning and experience the love of Christ for yourself!

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